Weddings by Amanda Day Rose






Amanda became immersed in the charming world of weddings 12 years ago, and has never looked back. She started her business as Amandadayrose and has grown more and more every day. Her wedding business led her to open Wister’s by Amanda Day Rose – where she could fulfill her dream of wedding and floral design, while also including a curated gift shop and confectionary.

Amanda is continuously inspired by her couples, their love stories, and their passion for creating a fulfilling marriage and future together. To Amanda, weddings are more than just a day filled with beautiful details – they are a reflection of uniting two very special individuals. For this reason, she believe your wedding day plays an incredibly important symbolic role in your future together. And that means everything from flowers to candles and from venue to seating arrangements makes a difference!

To learn more about weddings by Amanda Day Rose, click here. Browse the beautiful weddings and floral design from other couples and find inspiration and fun ideas. 

Amanda is always ready to sit down and chat about wedding ideas and inspiration, so give her a call at 434.446.3175. Investing in the best wedding floral designer is important for your special day! And you’ll have beautiful pictures of designer florals to enjoy for many celebratory anniversaries ahead!