So Nice to Meet You!







Amanda Day Rose

Hi! I’m Amanda, and it’s so nice to meet you! And yes, ‘Rose’ is really my last name. If you see me on the street, I will always, without a doubt stop for puppies, blooms, and friendly chats!

I’ve been a wedding and floral designer for over 12 years after graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Graphic Design and Art. As my wedding design business has grown, so has my passion for flowers in every possible way! That’s what led me to open Wister’s ‘by Amanda Day Rose’ – well that and a lot of other things that don’t fit in a website!

The hours sorting cards at Hallmark as a high school student.

Amazing parents who supported me through art school, even when I came home with crazy ideas and even crazier projects.

The most supportive husband I could ever ask for when I told him I wanted to quit my stable day job as a graphic designer to pursue my dream.

The thousands of times God pushed me to pick up a paintbrush or flower stem or try out a new medium or work just one more hour.

The architecture classes He encouraged me to take while also in art school when everyone told me I was wasting my time.

The hundreds of weddings completed with thousands of hours and late nights tirelessly designing them behind the scenes.

The complete and total interest my grandfather (Wister himself!) had in all my endeavors.

Every little thing He’s placed on my heart has helped bring Wister’s to life and it’s been truly amazing to see God at work here. As I sit down and reflect on all that has been at work over the years, I’m so excited to share it with all of you! 

Welcome to Wister’s where beauty blooms every day!


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Meet Wister

John Wister Wilkinson, Jr.

Wister: December 1925 – March 2017

Wister was Amanda’s grandfather and an incredible encourager, supporter, and mentor. Her great-grandfather was also Wister – making this doubly exciting for her to open the shop!

Whenever she walked in the door to visit him, Wister’s first question was always, “What are you working on now Amanda?” They shared a very special relationship that stays with her today.

Wister loved outdoors just as Amanda does and he was an avid fisherman, golfer, and gardener. He was always proud of his military service to our country during World War II in the U.S. Naval Services.

Amanda honors his memory by naming her ‘dream come true’ floral and gift shop after him – “Wister’s”. He must be proud as he watches it grow!

Watch for little glimpses of Wister throughout the store – and like he always said,

“After every dry spell, it always rains!”


Wister’s is a dream come true – literally!

Situated on Main Street in South Boston, Virginia, the shop is filled with creative floral arrangements, curated gifts, and the most delicious chocolate, caramel, and other confections you can imagine. The light and airy garden atmosphere welcomes you as you enter the front door.

Amanda spends hours scouring suppliers to locate the best, most unique, and fun finds available. Although her dream was originally a florist shop, she’s expanded her dream to include many more items for home decor, parties, and every type of celebration. 

Wister’s is the ‘go to’ place for flowers, special gifts, holiday gifts and decor, and so much more. Stop by and say hello and tell us how we can help you. We’re always adding new products and we’d love to know what you want to see!

We hope to see you soon. Browse around, or just have a seat and enjoy the lovely sights and delicious floral fragrance!