Introducing: Vase of the Month Club

Did you hear? Wisters has something new coming soon! Introducing…the Vase of the Month Club! A new, fun way to make sure you have fresh blooms every month 😍💐


Each month, we’ll surprise you with a beautiful vase filled with fresh, seasonal blooms! We will choose a unique vase for each month and it’s yours to keep and refill over and over. When you pick-up your vase, it will have beautiful seasonal flowers already in it to get your started.

Flower-filled vases will be available for pickup the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of each month! 


  1. Month-by-month ($30 per month) – you get the vases on a monthly basis, but we can’t always guarantee they will be available if they sell out quickly!
  2. A 3-month subscription ($90 total) – you get three beautiful flower-filled vases beginning the month after you sign up!
  3. A 6-month subscription ($171 total) – you get six whole months of gorgeous vases filled with seasonal blooms beginning the month after you sign up!
  4. A 12-month subscription ($324 total) – you get an entire YEAR of beautiful vases filled with blooms! This is a great option for you to already have a gift on hand each month!

The Vase of the Month Club begins in MAY (yes, in just a couple of weeks!), so if you’d like to sign up for a subscription or purchase May’s vase of the month, leave your email address and let us know which subscription you’d like and we’ll get you all signed up!

Let us know if you have any questions! We are SO excited to begin filling vases for you – and already have some gorgeous ones up our sleeve!

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